Grade 5/6 Class

Welcome To The Blogosphere October 17, 2008

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ueol_01_img00341Welcome grade five and six class. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to the idea of blogging and to make a few comments. Blogs are websites that contain information for people to comment on or to just find information about a topic of interest. Once you have commented on one of the subject areas, other people can comment on what you have said. The blog I have created has website links to Social Studies, Science, Math, and Fine Arts. Most of the information on this blog is just an extension of what we are learning in class.

Since we have been studying India in class, I have added a picture of their famous river, The Ganges River. It is considered a very holy river and is one of the major rivers on the Indian subcontinent. For the purposes of our class today, I would like you to comment on at least two different websites on my blog. After you have finished leaving your comment, you are to leave your initials (the first letter of your first and last name) in the box that says name. Before your comments get published, I have to accept them, so if you do not leave me your initials, I will not publish your comments and you will recieve no marks. Thank you









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