Grade 5/6 Class

About Mrs. O October 9, 2008


avatar-work3Hello Class

My name for blogging puroses is Mrs. O. I hope you enjoy the website; it is the first blog I have ever created, so there might be a few mistakes. When I am not at school, I enjoy skiing, hiking, and walking my dog Chewbacha (Chewy). I also like to travel; last year I traveled to Cambodia and Vietnam and had a wonderful time. For now though, it’s back to the school books!!



                                                                       (picture taken from


16 Responses to “About Mrs. O”

  1. IS Says:

    i like to hike to.

  2. db Says:

    nice pic mrs.o

  3. ja Says:

    nice pic mrs.o

  4. ja Says:

    this is the best web sit ever mrs.o thenk you for showing this to me form J A

  5. ja Says:

    i ahd fun watching the vidoes that pic is funny mrs.o

  6. P.C. Says:

    Thank you Mrs.O… for that informaition!!! ( If you don’t know what I’m talking about then is that I clicked on about Mrs.O.) So yeah, thank you for that informaition!!!!!!!!!

  7. P.C. Says:

    Mrs. O… I know now is that i did something wrong! I was writting the thing wrong i was writting it somewhere else I’m so sorry!!! I didn’t think!!!!!!!! But…I REALLY do like the Geometry!!!!!!!!!!! i will tell you y after!!!!!! again!……..

  8. Mrs. O Says:

    Don’t worry P.C. – you did nothing wrong!

  9. T S Says:

    How far you walk Chewy.

  10. Mrs. O Says:

    To: T.S.

    Normally when I take Chewy for a walk, we walk/run for about one hour. He is a big dog who needs a lot of exercise, so for most of the hour, he is off the leash.

    How is school going T.S.?

  11. Mrs. O Says:

    To: K.S

    How are you doing?
    I deleted your comment K.S. because you also gave me your email address, which you are not allowed to do.
    I am glad to hear that you received a really good mark on your math test – that’s great!! Only a couple of weeks left in school; you and everyone in the class must be really excited. Hopefully I will see you guys before the end of the school year.

    Talk to you soon,
    Mrs. O

  12. L.c.F. Says:

    How was Vietnam, I hear there was a major war there, did you get shot?

  13. JG Says:

    I like skiing too, well actually snowboarding. That is a cool name for a dog.

  14. S.F. Says:

    Mrs.O u rock and i like the site to 🙂

  15. D.T. Says:

    I like the pic you have. I find it funny that you have a dog named chewbacha because i have a freind who does. L.O.L.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. BW Says:

    Hi Mrs.O! This website is fun and educational! I especially love the math comic!

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