Grade 5/6 Class

First Nations Drumming October 17, 2008


 (picture taken from


8 Responses to “First Nations Drumming”

  1. ss Says:

    wow that is a really neat drum

  2. ss Says:

    it looks hard to make too

  3. mr Says:

    I like your drum but want dose the bird and the stick mean

  4. K.D. Says:

    That drum is beautiful. It looks very hard to make. I want to make one.

  5. sw Says:

    my favorit supjectis first nations drumming because i like to drum and am first nation.

  6. J.H. Says:

    THey drum like egals

  7. sw Says:

    the drums are easy to make one you made drums for 3 years i’ve made drums for that long

  8. e.d Says:

    that looks cool.\

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