Grade 5/6 Class

Other Cultures Drumming October 17, 2008

(picture taken from

The link below will take you to a good website on African drumming

Japanese Drumming Video

Below is an interesting video on Japanese drumming


8 Responses to “Other Cultures Drumming”

  1. ss Says:

    wow that looks like so much fun and they look
    really happy doing it to

  2. P.C. Says:

    WoW!!!!!!!!! Mrs.O… that was probley hard to do. It must of took
    a long time, and alot of practices. ( I don’t know how to spell that word.) ………. that is cool though.

  3. e.d Says:

    that looks harder then you think

  4. A.M.P. Says:

    i really like the drumming plus japan is my faveourite countrie

  5. S.F. Says:

    it would be so hard to play the drums like that. its hard to even play the drums

  6. D.T. Says:

    i like how much the drummers are in sync.

  7. W.M. Says:

    I like listening to the Japanese drumming because it sounds cool.

  8. JG Says:

    I wonder if those drummers get tired moving their arms so much.

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