Grade 5/6 Class

Math October 9, 2008




“The mathematics are distinguished by a particular privilege, that is, in the course of ages, they may always advance and can never recede.”  ~Edward Gibbon, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire



 (picture taken from


12 Responses to “Math”

  1. ac Says:

    i like your math site

  2. P.C. Says:

    Hi, Mrs.O… This is so cool. Haha I get it, that is so funny!!! His face is so funny his eye’s are crossed!!! LOL!!!

  3. a.k. Says:

    hi, i like ur math picture…..

  4. cses Says:


  5. F.M. Says:

    ha ha ha lol thats so funny

  6. J.H. Says:

    Ms.o how did this site come to gether.
    I wathched a video it was cool

  7. A.B. Says:

    I like this website because it is interesting and funny

  8. BW Says:

    Lol! I understand that and it is funny!!! I love math anyways but I don’t get a D or F.

  9. T.C Says:

    Haa I get this picture, he really got a D and an F instead of a B and an A. LOL!

  10. B.J.M. Says:

    this is soooo funny and kwl .

  11. SD Says:

    The pic is so funny HaHaHaHa. The dad said he got an A and a B but he really got an F and a D in Math and Science. Its so funny.

  12. S.F. Says:

    i love math and this site. (L)

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