Grade 5/6 Class

Geometry October 9, 2008

Click on these links for fun math activities     Math Hunt Website









 ( picture taken from

This is a great kids website that makes math fun!!


22 Responses to “Geometry”

  1. LH Says:

    That was really cool mrs.o.

  2. LH Says:

    That was a really cool mrs.o.

  3. Mr B Says:

    That was pretty cool. Are there more?

  4. cr Says:

    when i look at the worlds bestest photos video i can see something weird about the elephant and the girl picture, just cant explain the wrist part of the girl picture.

  5. JP Says:

    That was so cool:)

  6. I S Says:

    These are really cool videos.

  7. S J Says:

    I love this video!! Its really cool because it messes with your mind.

  8. cses Says:

    tHAT IS rEALLY Cool because it makes you dizzy…………sorta

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I spoted every aniamle in the pikchire love.e.t

  10. ac Says:

    i love the math site because u can see stuff that i have truble with

  11. T S Says:

    The opocke elosin was cool becase it tricked my eyes.

  12. a.k. Says:

    i like your math website because the videos’ … and the pictures..

  13. md Says:

    i love this site and i love the geoometry

  14. P.C. Says:

    Mrs. O… I really like the Geometry. Because it has really cool video’s, and some of them play trick’s on you and i have lot’s of fun with that!!! It’s fun to look at and it’s just really fun to go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for show and telling us about that!!! It’s Awsome!!!! Thank you every much … Bye!!!…lol

  15. P.C. Says:

    Mrs.O… I really like the Geometry!!! Because it shows us really cool things!!! Shows us cool video’s and it’s just great to look at!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s fun and Instering too!!!!!!!!

    THESE GEOMETRY VIDEO’S ARE SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU EVERY MUCH Mrs.O… LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. P.C. Says:

    Mrs.O… How do you go on geometry again? I tryed and it didn’t work!!!!!!!!!!! Like the videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I’m still trying but I’ll try again ok Bye. ( oh and you can delet this if you want ok…)

    To: Mrs.O….

  17. Mrs. O Says:

    To: P.C.

    Hi P.C.!! If you are trying to see the optical illusion video, I have taken it off the site because it was not working properly.
    Sorry, Mrs. O

  18. P.C. Says:

    Oh… ok thank you for telling me . Mrs.O…

  19. T S Says:

    Did you ever try to get the videos back? They were super cool.

  20. Mrs. O Says:

    No, I was not able to get the videos back. Sorry

    T.S. – tell everyone in class that they did a fabulous job at the play last night. It was great!!

    Bye, Mrs. O

  21. e.d Says:

    tis inb so cool and it is fun to.

  22. S.F. Says:

    how many sites have u made Mrs.O?
    your like an expert!

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