Grade 5/6 Class

Social Studies October 9, 2008

festival_of_cultures_group_15Exploring Cultures










(Picture taken from:


6 Responses to “Social Studies”

  1. V C Says:

    i like the pic did they all come from china?

  2. Mrs. O Says:

    To: V.C.

    Good question, but the picture is actually showing people from all different cultures, not just China.

  3. e.d Says:

    v.c. is right! woo this is assome

  4. SD Says:

    The pictures are so cool because it is showing pictures all around the world. It is so cool.Like the Holy river in India.

  5. L.c.F. Says:

    Lots of those Kids look pretty depressed. =P

  6. S.F. Says:

    did u just find that pic on the internet?
    its pretty cool

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