Grade 5/6 Class

Exploring Cultures October 9, 2008

Great websites –

Immigration stories

Next couple of websties are on India – Culture of India

                                                            India for Kids

The Ganges River, India


17 Responses to “Exploring Cultures”

  1. KSRS Says:

    where abouts is the Ganges River?

  2. LH Says:

    This is the best website ever mrs.o because it is really intresting.

  3. F W M Says:

    i like the games that i played because there fun and there challenging and i like challenging.

  4. KSRS Says:

    the apples for teachers site is sooo much fun!

  5. EC Says:

    I really like that site!

  6. J P Says:

    Ilike it cause you can reallyfeel whats happening in the vidieo.

  7. vc Says:

    Mrs.O i realley liked the way the people were praying in the water and i like the ganges river,inda thing

  8. vc Says:

    love the website so much mrs.o you should make one for the school

  9. Mrs. O Says:

    To: K.S.R.S

    The Ganges River in located in India. If you go to the front page of this blog, you can read a little about it.

  10. F.M. Says:

    awesome video

  11. F.M. Says:

    awesome show

  12. B.F.T.K Says:

    Who took this video… it looks like a real documentry.

  13. mr Says:

    why did the India people think the river was holy

  14. R.H. Says:

    that river is very dirty, the people still like it though. I wonder why?

  15. B.H. Says:

    That video was cool I didn’t now that those people prayed in the Ganges river an bathed in it.

  16. S.F. Says:

    the people in the Ganges River are praying to the River even know its poluted. why is that?

  17. A.M.P. Says:

    i wonder how dirty the ganges river is do u kow mrs.o

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